Term 1 ends

Unit of inquiry Students completed a formative assessment to express their understanding about different types of inequalities, and their causes and effect relationship. They presented their understanding both individually and in groups. They also collated a fact sheet while viewing these presentations. Students read and analysed a Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that […]

November 29th

Unit of Inquiry Students commenced their new unit on equal opportunities. They watched a movie ‘I am Kalam’ which made reference to inequalities prevalent in society. Then they expressed their understanding of the word inequality by associating a colour and a symbol with it. They made relevant suggestions on what they wanted to learn and […]

November 15th

Unit of inquiry Students continued with their unit on machines; they debated  the impact of machines on their lives and shared their perspectives through a presentation. Each student spoke about his/her  view on the impact of machines both on a personal level and in a global context. Students thus were able to strengthen their understanding […]

September ends

Unit of inquiry Students continued to inquire into the fascinating world of machines. They enhanced their knowledge of simple and complex machines with a real life example of a bicycle. Students collaborated and observed the bicycle and engaged in discussions to understand the various simple machines that together make the bicycle a complex machine. Students […]

August 2

UOI Students continued on their learning journey to know more about types of governments. Students were divided into groups to conduct a detailed research into the branches of government – legislative, executive and judiciary. They worked in groups to collate their research findings into a poster. They also debated why they felt their branch was […]


Unit of Inquiry Students were introduced to the first unit on government which is one of the ways we organize ourselves as a society. The students were divided into 3 groups where they were made to experience a different form of governance – democracy, dictatorship, monarchy. Students returned to their classes to share their experience […]

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