March 1

Unit of Inquiry: Students began their research to gain an understanding on different points of view about the use of technology by analysing real-life scenarios, listening to Ted talk and debates and conducting surveys. They scanned QR codes for the instructions and recorded their group findings and conclusions on a Padlet. They also shared their […]


Unit of Inquiry Students continued with their journey into the world of technology. They inquired into different technological tools and how they have become an indispensable medium for human expression – e-mail, SMS, Facebook, blogs, WhatsApp, Skype or Podcast. They analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of social networking applications. Students got an opportunity to strengthen […]

Term 2 started

UNIT OF INQUIRY Students began inquiring into the new unit on how we express ourselves, with a conceptual focus on technology. They expressed their prior knowledge about how technology is used to communicate in different ways using visible thinking routines of their choice. They also shared their opinions about how technology is a language of […]

Term 1 ends

Unit of inquiry Students completed a formative assessment to express their understanding about different types of inequalities, and their causes and effect relationship. They presented their understanding both individually and in groups. They also collated a fact sheet while viewing these presentations. Students read and analysed a Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations that […]

November 29th

Unit of Inquiry Students commenced their new unit on equal opportunities. They watched a movie ‘I am Kalam’ which made reference to inequalities prevalent in society. Then they expressed their understanding of the word inequality by associating a colour and a symbol with it. They made relevant suggestions on what they wanted to learn and […]

November 15th

Unit of inquiry Students continued with their unit on machines; they debated  the impact of machines on their lives and shared their perspectives through a presentation. Each student spoke about his/her  view on the impact of machines both on a personal level and in a global context. Students thus were able to strengthen their understanding […]

September ends

Unit of inquiry Students continued to inquire into the fascinating world of machines. They enhanced their knowledge of simple and complex machines with a real life example of a bicycle. Students collaborated and observed the bicycle and engaged in discussions to understand the various simple machines that together make the bicycle a complex machine. Students […]

August 2

UOI Students continued on their learning journey to know more about types of governments. Students were divided into groups to conduct a detailed research into the branches of government – legislative, executive and judiciary. They worked in groups to collate their research findings into a poster. They also debated why they felt their branch was […]

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